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Volunteers are needed and internships are available

Sign up to be a volunteer or apply to be an intern today! Join our dream team and help us to build a firm foundation in our students' lives. Volunteers and interns enable us to accomplish more and improve program quality. The volunteer coordinator will contact parents to schedule your 8 hours of service. We offer short term volunteer opportunities and semester-long internships. Many positions are virtual and can be completed off campus. Each applicant must submit an application, criminal background check, and may be required to attend first aid/CPR training.

Time Sheet 

Please submit monthly before the 5th.

If any man serve Me, him will My Father honor. John 12:26 KJV

The work you do may go unnoticed at times, simply because you do it with such humility and selflessness.

Know that you're truly appreciated, and that the Lord will bless you for serving others as Jesus taught. You are truly a blessing to The Shepherd's Academy Family!   Thank you for the way that you have used the special gifts God has given you to minister to others. God Bless You! Psalm 112


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Date(s) and Time(s) Served*

Description of Work Performed or Task List*

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