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Christian school

The Sheph​​erd's Academy

Digital Learning

Taking care of our students' physical and emotional well-being is of the utmost importance. We commit to ensuring each and every child in our school has access to the opportunity and support they need to learn essential content and skills while learning at home. Our  teachers use Edmodo to provide learning assignments, guidance and interact with students. Students will receive course work for the week. They can complete this work on their own schedule – also referred to as asynchronous learning, which means the entire class and teacher are not together. There will be opportunities to meet virtually as a class, check in and have live lessons – called synchronous learning each Tuesday.

There will be a weekly or daily announcement from the teacher. Students will see an agenda or list of the learning targets for the week and then students will move into the content to be completed. Typically, there are lessons, opportunities for students to dig in and build their own knowledge and then be directed to an assignment or a discussion. There is an opportunity here for students to post their thoughts in a discussion format and interact with their classmates.

When it’s time to complete the assignment the criteria is spelled out, students click submit assignment and upload their work. Additionally, students might see specific outcomes and standards that apply to the assignment.

Some courses might offer current event type discussions that address issues going on in the world. This is a way to develop a Biblical worldview, promote social and emotional learning, and build informed citizenships with our  students. Teachers may invite students to join other programs that allow them to read and be part of a wider community of learners.

FLEX Learning-Tutoring Services

Many Shepherd's Academy students live in Title I school zones. This  grants us additional federal money to ensure that every student meets the Georgia Standards of Excellence. This additional funding allows us the opportunity to offer free math and reading tutoring to our students during the school year. All eligible students are invited to receive this extra help. Invitations are sent out to children who are struggling to meet state standards, as identified by their math and/or reading assessments. Once all of the county funded students are assigned, we will assign available slots to other scholars who are meeting standards but would like the additional learning opportunity. Students are eligible to attend tutoring two days per week beginning in October and ending in late March. 

Title I compliant tutorial services include:

Tutorial course selection that includes individual or small group math, science, reading & writing, as well as academic strategies or strategic test preparation strategies.

A comprehensive approach which includes all curriculum, lesson plans, practice tests, guided reading libraries, mathematics manipulatives, testing and assessment software and computers as well as any necessary equipment or materials. 

The tutor begins with an assessment which is aligned with national, state, and county learning and performance benchmarks. Normed standardized tests are incorporated into all tutorials as needed and based upon program need.

Sessions may be held before/after/during school, weekends, holidays or during the summer months.

Tutorial lesson structure and content delivery are research-based and data-driven and are individually designed based on student need.

Complete student data tracking includes individualized student session notes objective mastery tracking, and behavior/attendance tracking through our online portal and tracking software systems.

Quarterly, monthly and/or end of program comprehensive reporting of student progress and achievement.

Parent Progress Reports: Our student progress tracking and data programs allow us to produce monthly or weekly progress reports for parents which include session notes, assessment and performance tracking, attendance and updates to the program. These reports can be accessed online,  sent electronically via email directly to parents or be printed.

FLEX Learning Tutoring Registration 

Tutoring Subject(s) Desired
Grade Level*
Please select baseline and progress monitoring assessment testing dates. Email most current standardized test scores to Dr. Penn at [email protected]
Student Birthdate
Faith development and academic performance are correlated with physical and emotional well being. How are you intentionally cultivating your child's development?
Area(s) of Concern (choose 2 per subject)*
Identified by Assessments (e.g. weekly tests, report card grades, standardized tests, interactions, etc.)
I/we, give my consent for my child to participate in The Shepherd's Academy Online Tutoring program. I understand that, as part of this program, my child will be tutored during the day by a highly qualified instructor. I also give my permission for my child’s photo, video, sound recording, first name and creative works in, and for documentation and promotion of TSA Learning programs.
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