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Camp Destiny

Summer Enrichment Program

STREAM learning experiences and assessments involve two or more standards from Science, Technology, Religion (Christianity), Engineering, Math and the Arts. Inquiry, discovery learning, collaboration, and an emphasis on process-based learning are at the heart of the STEAM approach. Utilizing technology and leveraging research proven instructional strategies will equip students to identify and develop their unique gifts and interests.  Since our ultimate goal is to equip students to impact the world for Christ, the STREAM instructional framework meets this goal in an interactive and fun way. We provide Christ-centered, fun, formation, and education year round. Space is limited!

K-12th grade students may enjoy this enrichment program July 26-20th, 8:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.

$50 Registration/family before July 1 and $90/week

Complete the interest form below or contact Dr. Penn at for more information.

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For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them. Ephesians 2:10

CAMP Destiny

Camp Destiny: K-6th grade campers engage in exciting STREAM based summer enrichment activities:

SCIENCE: Campers use the scientific method, fun experiments, and science adventures to explore God’s creation!

TECHNOLOGY: Campers participate in an array of problem solving activities with exposure to rudimentary and complex computer programming concepts and technology tools.

RELIGION: Campers discover God’s plan and purpose for their lives through Christ-centered Bible based learning experiences.

ENGINEERING: Campers learn real world applications of academic skills used in civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical, software, and aerospace engineering.

ARTS: Campers utilize gifts and talents in visual art, design, drawing, dance, and more to foster 21st century skills (creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration).

MATH: Students will cultivate fundamental and multifaceted mathematical skills through engaging games.

And so much more…

ATHLETICS: Students grow spiritually and learn leadership concepts in light of basketball and baseball fundamentals.

GEOGRAPHY: Students become world travelers while exploring people and landforms as they pray through the 10/40 window.

PUBLIC SPEAKING: Students develop public speaking skills and deliver speeches for a variety of purposes, settings, and audiences, both formal and informal.

CAREER PREP: Weekly visits and field trips with business professionals, scientists, engineers, and technology experts

STREAM fields are the largest job growth segment in the 21st century. STREAM-related jobs have increased by 14% since 2010. This is 5–8% higher on average than other job sectors. After 2020, 48% of jobs will require higher levels of cognitive skills such as active listening, communications, analytics, and collaboration. At this moment there is a shortage of skilled workers to fill those positions, and that shortage is making it difficult for our country to stay competitive in the global market.

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