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Our primary objective is to partner with covenant families to assist in the training of their children to love, serve, and be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ and at the same time offer a superior education. We strive to engage the next generation in a way that is transformational and promotes spiritual growth. Daily teaching and learning objectives focus on the holistic development of each child's (spirit, soul, and body). We believe parents are a child’s first and most important teacher; thus, we encourage parental involvement in our program and offer several support and discipleship services designed to strengthen families, communities, and the church. Our desire is to help each stakeholder discover God’s purpose and plan for his life while encouraging the development of their gifts and talents. Each day will be filled with stimulating and innovative activities which encourage everyone to reach his/her full potential. We use modern technology coupled with 21st-century pedagogy to teach our students to think critically and deeply, prepare for college, become lifelong learners, and form within themselves the knowledge and responsibility for transformational leadership.

Academic Excellence

Our preschool and kindergarten programs are aligned with the Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards (GELDS) and STREAM approach to instruction. GELDS are a “set of high-quality, researched-based early learning standards for children birth to age five.” The GELDS enable early educators and parents to observe the milestones children in this age group are achieving. GELDS are “attainable standards that are flexible enough to support children’s individual rates of development, approaches to learning and cultural context.” 

Christian school

The 1st-12th grade elementary and secondary homeschool support classes are academically rigorous and grounded in biblical truth that prepares students for the highest levels of academic performance and leadership in college and STREAM career fields. The classes are intellectually challenging and developmentally appropriate. 

Toccoa Falls Christian College Dual Enrollment high school students complete college-level content and requirements that keep advanced and highly motivated students engaged and thriving. We offer numerous  elective courses that support high school student's long-term interests and goals. Our homeschool support weekly schedule closely replicates a college experience, with courses meeting one or two days each week which allows students to pursue and cultivate mentoring and internship opportunities.

Bible Based Curricula

We strive to provide a solid academic foundation centered on a Bible based, Christ-centered Worldview. We believe in Kingdom Education – or the home, church, and school coming together for the educational process. The Principle Approach method of education is the manner of consistent and ordered teaching and learning that produces Christian character and self-government, Christian scholarship and Biblical reasoning for lifelong learning and discipleship. This is supported by the use of textbooks from Christian curriculum publishers such as ACSI's Purposeful Design Publications, Abeka Book Publishers, and Rod and Staff Publishers.

Technology Integrated

STREAM learning experiences and assessments involve two or more standards from Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Math and the Arts. Inquiry, discovery learning, collaboration, and an emphasis on process-based learning are at the heart of the STREAM approach. Utilizing technology and leveraging the integrity of the field of science and the arts is essential to the success of our program. We believe that children will tap into their creative imaginations and reinforce academic concepts as they are exposed to digital learning. We support emerging school readiness and college preparatory skills in reading, math, science, and social studies, but also most importantly, the 21st century skills of critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity, technology literacy, and social-emotional development.


Family Engagement

We are advocates of active parental involvement. We believe parents are an integral part of children’s education and can play a practical role in accomplishing The Shepherd’s Academy’s mission. Early learning opportunities are improved when combined within comprehensive services focused on the needs of the family. We provide health and wellness activities, parenting seminars, marriage and family support, nutrition, and access to other social services. We host a monthly Parent Teacher Fellowship Meeting and conferences each semester. Each family agrees to volunteer at least eight hours each school term.   Families are encouraged to communicate expectations with our educators and ask questions not only about what their child is learning but how he or she is engaging in the learning process. You can also join our monthly Dad's Prayer Huddle and Moms in Touch Prayer groups.

Professional Educators

Our staff members are dedicated Christians who are excellent, knowledgeable teachers who do not separate intellectual life from spiritual practice. Many of our instructional faculty members are certified and hold advanced degrees in their disciplines. Others have worked professionally for many years in their industry or professional fields, and still others actively contribute outside The Shepherd's Academy’s community as expert consultants and practitioners. Each staff member has completed first aid and CPR training and a satisfactory background check performed by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Teachers complete fifteen hours of professional development each year. This training is designed to enhance their knowledge and skills in child development and innovative instructional strategies.

As a result of the extraordinary example set by our faculty, our students are challenged to pursue academic excellence, not for its own sake or even merely in light of college admission, but because our calling as Christ followers demands nothing less. 

Kingdom education

Christian educators

Student disability


Inclusive Learning

Our students possess a wide spectrum of learning styles, interests, and personality styles, including students who are neural atypical. As a result, we provide developmentally appropriate academic support in order to maximize learning and success for all students. Each student is unique, and we seek to find the best strategy for each student.

We provide a range of support services, including scheduled meetings with teachers, peer or professional tutoring during extended care, academic coaching, individualized student schedules, summer tutoring, standardized testing, and accommodations for students with a diagnosed learning disability. Students with allergies, asthma, or diabetes should have a care plan on file and it must be updated by a pediatrician or other medical professional on a quarterly basis.

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