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Do you think we should have full physical school (on campus) this January?*

Do you think we should continue full online (LIVE virtual) classes this January?

If we were to return physically in February, would you support a hybrid system (students attend class on Tuesday 9-1:30 on campus and the remainder of the week online 9-12)?*

What additional measures do you think the school should take to keep students and families safe?*

How can we support you or your family in this pandemic era?*

Any other comments regarding the situation?

How can parents and staff support the school in this era?

How can the virtual learning experience be improved (internet access, time, materials, etc.)?

Which safety precautions are you willing to comply with?*

Are you available for a virtual parent teacher conference either of the days below?*

How many hours does your child work on homework daily? (check all that apply)*

Are you familiar with the standards (concepts and skills) your child should master in their current grade level?*

Gov. Brian Kemp has ordered Georgia residents and visitors at higher risk for severe illness to continue to shelter in place. If anyone in your household is at higher risk for severe illness from the virus, all members of the household should behave as if they share the same risk factors to avoid introducing the virus into the home. You should think of your entire household as a single unit. If one person puts themselves at risk, everyone in the home is at risk. That means you should strictly adhere to the CDC's isolation and quarantine guidelines.

The spread of COVID-19 in Georgia continues to be a concern for us all. Gwinnett County passed Fulton County for the first time Saturday for most confirmed casesof COVID-19 since the pandemic began.  As of Sunday, there have been 17,781 positive cases in Gwinnett with 1,996 hospitalizations and 240 deaths. 

As predicted, this remains a very fluid situation and we continue to work to ensure we have access to the best information and are prepared to take appropriate actions based on the guidance received from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Georgia Department of Public Health, the Gwinnett County Health Department, and the Georgia Department of Education. We acknowledge that our parents, students, and staff have had a difficult time during this pandemic. We would appreciate it if you could complete this survey to aid us as we navigate the current and future state of the COVID situation relating to academic work. Considering the Governor's renewed executive order, we will continuing virtual learning through January in order to minimize the spread ofrespiratory illnessesand mitigate the  exposure to COVID-19. We would appreciate your feedback. We are fully devoted to helping students achieve spiritually, academically, and socially.

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