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Early Learning

This class is temporarily closed due to quarantine. This class is temporarily closed due to quarantine. Developmentally and age-appropriate practices are a result of a biblically-based, research informed philosophy of education. Our team of Christian early educators understand how young children grow and learn. They employ multi-sensory teaching strategies that engage every learning style and fosters competence in each developmental domain: spiritual, social, emotional, physical, creative, and cognitive. In order to promote spiritual formation and faith development, we teach Bible truths; provide multi-sensory learning experiences, and use reflective assessments.  Our primary student outcomes are that our students know God personally (Matthew 22:37-39), grow in faith through discipleship (Matthew 28:19, 20), and show His glory by using their unique gifts and talents in service (Matthew 5:16). Seeds for spiritual growth are sown when an educator plays with and sings, speaks, reads or tells a story to a child and nurtures her or him with healthy food, love, affection and developmentally appropriate learning experiences. Play is a vital part of the young child's learning experience and allows them to experience God's world, express themselves, learn to manage relationships, regulate behaviors and foster imagination. Early educators include a variety of differentiated learning opportunities supporting God's design for how each child learns. Activities include a balance of teacher-guided instruction and child-initiated exploration. Effective teaching is seen when scaffolding (layered support and instruction) is present, providing repetition of information and experiences for the child.  

This class is temporarily closed due to quarantine. 

Infants and Toddlers

Our Christian early educators possess a Biblical worldview. Their teaching practices are based upon principles found within the Bible such as those asserted by the Association of Christian Schools International. We believe all children:

Are made in the image of God. Genesis 1:26

Are fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalms 139:14

Are sinners in need of a Savior. Romans 3:23

Have lives marked with a purpose. Jeremiah 29:11

Are valued by God. Matt. 19:14

We provide a developmentally appropriate learning environment and learning experiences that are aligned with the Georgia Early Learning and Developmental Standards. Lesson plans and daily schedules are posted in each classroom and teachers frequently communicate with parents about their child's progress. We emphasize educating and discipling the whole child (spirit, soul, and body) and fostering individual growth in each student according to their personality, temperament, and culture. We respect God's developmental design by recognizing young children think, grow, and learn sequentially and in stages. We are committed to professional growth and display a Christ-like attitude with church leadership, administration, colleagues, parents, and the community at large. It is our joy to demonstrate God's unconditional love while upholding Biblical Christian values.

Supply List

Disposable Diapers or Pull-ups*


Diaper ointment (as needed)

Bottles (pre-made, ready to be warmed)

Extra formula and an empty bottle

Food (we serve USDA approved and age appropriate  meals (snacks and lunch) for students 10 months and older)

Burp Cloths (as needed)

Bibs (snap or Velcro fastening)

Sippy cup (10 months and older)

Appropriate baby food containers

At least 2 full sets of clothes (including socks)-size and seasonally appropriate

Gallon Size, 15-pack Ziplock bags

1-40 count Container of Wet Ones Moist Towelette antibacterial wipes (for hands)

1-75 count pop-up Clorox wipes

1 roll of Bounty brand select-a-size paper towels

Parents are responsible for wipes and diapers or pull-ups. Teachers will inform parents when refills are needed. Please label all items with a permanent marker. Students in the infant and toddler program are not required to wear uniforms.

(Optional) A blank flashdrive, video/DVD, or disposable camera to document your child’s growth throughout the year.

Infant and Toddler Daily Schedule

(6 weeks to 1 year) Lambs 1

(13 -24 months) Lambs 2

Schedules for infants are used as a guide for the day. Infant classroom schedules are responsive to individual children’s needs. Infants who eat table foods follow a schedule, while

younger infants eat at appropriate intervals based on their indicators to staff that they are hungry. Infants eating table food follow the program’s snack and meal schedule, while younger infants eat at appropriate intervals based on their indicators to staff that they are hungry. Developmental activities including sensory, large motor (both indoors and outdoors), and small motor activities happen throughout the day as children are interested. Routines, such as diapering, eating, and napping, occur throughout the day to meet each child’s unique schedule.

7:00Staff members greet children and parents and assists with storage of personal belongings. Children are provided tummy time and opportunities for free choice play in learning centers (reading, listening, dramatic play, art, manipulative play, music).

7:00-8:30Potty breaks and diaper changes as needed.


9:30-10:30Circle time/ Devotions: Prayer, Bible memory verse, pledges - developmental activities and experiences (sensory, small motor, music, and language), diaper changing, naps as needed

10:30-11:15Large motor/outdoor play time

11:15-11:35Check and change diapers as needed


12:15-2:30Story time and naps, as needed


3:30-4:00Large motor/outdoor play time

4:00-4:30Check and change diapers as needed

4:30-5:30 Music and movement- developmental activities and experiences

5:30-6:00Story time

Check and change diapers as needed

Cleanup and departure

*Subject to change. Infants are fed upon demand and diapers are changed as needed.

Year round learning experiences and services are provided which cultivate your child's school, career, and life readiness. We are intentionally cultivating your child's potential as it pertains to their communication, critical thinking, executive function, fine motor, gross motor,  and self-regulation skills. Each child experiences the love of God as they learn to respect and obey their caregivers and peers.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”  Matthew 19:14

Each child is a unique individual. To watch a child grow and develop is truly amazing. 

Early experiences affect the development of brain architecture, which provides the foundation 

for all future learning, behavior, and health. Working together with parents and teachers, forming warm and loving bonds and providing positive stimulation can make a difference in a child’s development for a lifetime. It is a joy to share Christian principles and practices with your 

little scholar. Thank you for the opportunity to care for your most precious gift. We work hard 

to earn your respect and are honored to serve your family.

Dr. Althea Penn, Executive Director

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