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Early Kindergarten

This class is temporarily closed due to quarantine. 

Young children are capable of extraordinary things. Our early kindergarten classes establish a firm foundation for spiritual formation and faith development. We endeavor to train up children in the way they should go by using Bible-based, research proven curricula. Learning is a combination of heredity (nature) and environmental factors (nurture), thus we support a child's natural bend with multi-sensory learning experiences in a nurturing Christian environment. Rich learning experiences ensure synapses are formed for problem solving and idea formation. Our Christian early educators provide hands-on early literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies instruction whereby connections are formed and become permanent. Concepts and skills are reinforced through sequential and repetitive activities. Students learn best through play experiences that allow practice. Consistency in primary teachers reduces stress and encourages the development of secure relationships.  A well-balanced diet, sufficient sleep and plenty of exercise support healthy brain development. Our students learn to apply scripture to their daily lives which encourages emotional control, forming attachments to others, and acquiring language skills. Our early educators foster spiritual growth and holistic development in all domains: social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and creative.

This class is temporarily closed due to quarantine. 

Kindergarten Twos

Daily Schedule

(24 months to 35 months)

7:00Staff members greet children and parents and assists with storage of personal belongings. Children are provided opportunities for free choice play in learning centers (reading, listening, dramatic play, art, manipulative play, music). Potty breaks and diaper changes as needed.

7:00-7:30Devotions: Prayer, bible memory verse, pledges, songs, stories and finger plays. Children develop calendar skills (months/days, seasons and weather). Gross motor skills development through active indoor activities.

7:30-8:00Prepare for Breakfast. Wash hands and faces.

Potty break and diaper change.

8:00-8:30Breakfast-children are encouraged to develop self-feeding skills.

8:30-8:45Cleanup and wash hands.

8:45-9:15Circle Time

9:15-9:30Potty breaks and diaper changes as needed. Wash hands and faces.

9:30-10:15Early literacy activities: Pre-reading and math technology lessons. Children learn to recognize the alphabet and numbers (count) 0-10. Art project time - Arts and Craft.

10:15-10:30Potty breaks and diaper changes as needed.

10:30-11:30Outdoor play-weather permitting. Explore the outdoors. Children will learn about trees, leaves, grass etc. Gross motor activities: running, jumping, climbing and riding.

11:30-12:00Potty breaks and diaper changes as needed.

12:00-12:30Lunch time-occasionally served family style. Cleanup and wash hands.

12:30-12:45Potty breaks and diaper changes as needed.

12:45-1:15Music and Movement. Interactive learning songs. Children are introduced to various types of music and songs for play.

1:15-1:30Story time with teacher and prepare for nap. Potty breaks and diaper changes as needed.

1:30-3:00Rest period or nap time.

3:00-3:30Potty breaks and diaper changes as needed. Prepare for snack.

3:30-4:00Afternoon Snack - Cleanup and wash hands.

4:00-5:00Outdoor play weather permitting.Play outside on the playground.

Potty breaks and diaper changes as needed.

5:00-6:00Free choice play in learning centers. Teachers interact with the children as they

play and are introduced to tablets, musical toys and books, alphabet books and blocks, and number concepts. Caregivers facilitate fine and gross motor skills

development through play with finger paint, markers, paint and brushes, puzzles,

blocks, play gyms, vinyl mats, push and pull toys, and riding equipment.

Potty breaks and diaper changes as needed.

Clean up and departure

Kindergarten Threes

Daily Schedule

7:00 – 8:00Power-up, free-choice brain teasers and puzzles

8:00 – 9:00Time with Abba Devotional, praise & worship, prayer, calendar skills, catechism, scripture reading, Bible lesson

9:00 – 9:15Restroom Break

9:15 – 9:45Morning Snack and cleanup

9:45 – 10:50 Language Arts: English grammar, spelling, phonics and reading, poetry, manuscript and cursive penmanship

10:50 – 11:00 Restroom Break

11:00 – 11:50 Arithmetic: Number recognition, concepts, Sequences, Coins, Time, & Math Facts

11:50 – 12:35 Physical Education: Indoor and outdoor fine and gross motor skills development

12:35-12:45 Restroom Break

12:45-1:15 Lunch

1:15 – 1:55 Science K: plants, health and human biology, earth and space

1:55 – 2:40Social Studies/History K: Community helpers; children of the world, American history, geography

2:40 – 3:00Dismissal or Restroom Break

3:00 – 3:30Afternoon Snack and cleanup

3:30 – 4:30Co-curricular Activities

Computer, Spanish, Robotics, Coding, Chess, Ambassadors Public Speaking Club, Geography Club, Young Scientists,

4:30 – 6:00 Restroom break

4:45 – 5:45 Outdoor Play, *Music, Musical Theatre, Dance, or Athletics (T-Ball, Baseball, Basketball)

5:45 – 6:00 Arts and Crafts, Story Time, or Free Choice Learning and Game Stations

*Fees involved

K3 Supply List

New King James Bible

2 2” 3-ring presentation binders

1 package of fat pencils

8 Count package of triangular crayons 

1 Set washable, broadline markers, 8 colors

1 Dry erase marker, any color - low odor please

1 Set of water color paints (Crayola or Prang is best) (K2-K5)

1 Pair of scissors -- Fiskars, please

1 Bottle of school glue

2 Glue sticks

1 Pencil box

4 Two-pocket folders

2 Reams of white photocopy paper

Book bag or backpack

1 Large box of facial tissues

1 box Ziploc (or other brand) Easy Zipper Storage Bags, Gallon Size, 15-pack

1-40 count Container of Wet Ones Moist Towelette antibacterial wipes (for hands)

1-75 count pop-up Clorox wipes

1 roll of Bounty brand select-a-size paper towels

At least 2 full sets of clothes (including socks)-size and seasonally appropriate

K2 Curriculum

We strive to provide a solid academic foundation centered on a Bible based, Christ-centered Worldview. We believe in Kingdom Education – or the home, church, and school coming together for the educational process. Ecclesiastes reminds us that a “three-fold cord is not easily broken.” Building an integrative mindset into the next generation is effective when parents, pastors, and teachers are presenting the same message.

We believe curriculum is a race track each child is on and the experiences provided that foster competence in each domain of development or “everything we do”, including extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. 

Students will use Teaching Strategies® Creative Curriculum which is supplemented with Christ-Centered Publications® and A Beka Book Publishers® Phonics and Math resources. 

The K2 class accepts non-toilet-trained children. A toilet training plan will be implemented after the parent, teacher and director agree and after the child has exhibited some or all of the readiness behaviors. Parents must provide training pants, wipes, and several changes of clothing.

K2 Supply List

Pull-ups or Training pants with rubber exterior


At least 2 full sets of clothes (including socks)-size and seasonally appropriate

Gallon Size, 15-pack

1-40 count Container of Wet Ones Moist Towelette antibacterial wipes (for hands)

1-75 count pop-up Clorox wipes

1 roll of Bounty brand select-a-size paper towels

8 Count package of triangular crayons

1 Bottle of school glue

2 Glue sticks

4 Two-pocket folders

2 Reams of white photocopy paper

Book bag or backpack

1 Large box of facial tissues

Parents are responsible for wipes and pull-ups. Teachers will inform parents when refills are needed. Please label all items with a permanent marker. Students in the K2 program are not required to wear uniforms.

(Optional) A blank flashdrive, video/DVD, or disposable camera to document your child’s growth throughout the year

K3 Curriculum

STREAM learning experiences and assessments involve two or more standards from Science, Technology, Religion (Christianity), Engineering, Math and the Arts. Inquiry, discovery learning, collaboration, and an emphasis on process-based learning are at the heart of the STREAM approach. Utilizing technology and leveraging research proven instructional strategies will equip students to identify and develop their unique gifts and interests. We believe that children will tap into their creative imaginations and reinforce academic concepts as they are exposed to digital learning. 

Our teachers structure the environment and activities based on the children’s cognitive development; varying complexity and level of choices, etc. and help children learn what they can manage. Teachers give children many opportunities to work with concrete objects and encourage them to interact with others and learn about other perspectives. Verbal directions, physical assistance, constructive play, and probing questioning by teachers help children improve skills and acquire knowledge. Working with peers allows children to respond to someone else’s examples, questions and actions.

Students will use the following textbooks and resources:

New King James Bible

Phonics and Math Christ-Centered Publications®

K-4 Readiness Skills A Beka Book Publishers®


ABC Cursive Writing Tablet

Art Projects

Little Owl Books (8 books)

Basic computer programming Microsoft® Youth Spark

BeeBot® Terrapin

K3 Dress Code

Girls and boys should wear red, white or navy blue polo shirts and khaki or navy blue pants, skirts or jumpers. Each student is required to wear black or brown closed toe shoes for outdoor play safety. Several stores carry school uniforms at reasonable prices (Sears, WalMart, or JCPenney). You'll find endless combinations of mix-and-match apparel including blouses, oxfords, shirts, sweaters, vests, cardigans, polos, pants, skirts, scooters, jumpers, dresses, shorts, blazers and shoes. You may shop at any of the following uniform suppliers:,,,,, and Students will need at least one polo shirt with the TSA school logo for field trips and special events.

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